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On the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalists: Al Mezan Calls for Enhancing Free Expression in Palestine


September 26 marks the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalists.
The Day is celebrated by journalists around the world throughout activities addressing the difficulties under which Palestinian journalists work in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
Palestinian journalists suffer from restrictions by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF); including targeting them with armed attacks, depriving them from free movement, travel and access to information.
The Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip prevents them from communicating with their fellow journalists in the West Bank and around the world.
Gaza journalists are unable to participate in trainings or conferences and workshops outside Gaza.
    In addition, the internal Palestinian split has seriously impacted on the free expression and journalists’ ability to work in the oPt.
Free and responsible journalism plays a vital role in promoting and protecting human rights through disclosing violations, misuse of power and other problems in society.
Itself a basic human right, free expression is vital for the mission of human rights and must therefore be protected and furthered.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights congratulates the Palestinian journalists on their Day.
It urges them to unite and prioritize expanding public freedoms and rights, which enhance democratic culture and practice.
Al Mezan calls Palestinian journalists to work towards strengthening the rule of law and contributing to the respect of the dignity of all Palestinians regardless of their political opinions or class.
In this context, Al Mezan urges the journalists to unite their efforts towards: 1.
      Confronting Israel’s policies and violations; especially the ongoing illegal siege of Gaza, the forcible displacement of the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem, and the confiscation of Palestinian land in the West Bank to expand Jewish-only settlements and colonies.
These practices, added to the continued attacks on civilians and civilian property, represent blatant violations of international law and must be disclosed and confronted.
      Contribute to ending the Palestinian internal split and the violations committed by both Palestinian governments in Ramallah and Gaza, including violations that hamper public freedoms and human rights.
  Al Mezan calls on journalists around the world to express their solidarity with their Palestinian counterparts and to act to expose and confront the violations they are exposed to, regardless of the party that stands behind the violations.

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