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IOF Opens Fire on Palestinian Civilians Collecting Rubble in the Vicinity of Erez Crossing; Two Persons Injured


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8:40am on Saturday 19 June 2010, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF), positioned in the vicinity of Erez crossing at the northern border between Gaza and Israel, opened fire on Palestinian civilians who were 100 meters away from the border fence near the industrial area.
As a result, Khalid Abdel Nasir Abu Harbid, 29, sustained shrapnel in different parts of the body, and Abdel Hadi Faraj Al Kafarna, 18, was shot in the left leg.
Medical sources at Kamal Odwan Hospital described the injuries of Abu Harbid as critical and the injuries of Al Kafarna as moderate.
These civilians were collecting rubble from destroyed buildings in the area to sell it to brick factories, which recycle it into bricks, or to people who need to use it for construction.
This is the only source of materials  for making bricks and concrete for construction that is available in the Gaza Strip, which suffers from an acute shortage of construction materials due the Israeli siege.

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