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IOF Open Fire on Weekly Peaceful Assembly in North Beit Lahyia


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11:30am on Tuesday 18 May 2010, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), which are positioned at the northern separation fence, opened fire on a peaceful assembly of the ‘Popular Campaign against the Buffer Zone’.
  No casualties or injuries were reported in this incident.
Hundreds of Palestinians moved towards the northern border and stopped a few meters away from the northern separation fence to protest against the 'buffer zone'.
The demonstrators left the area immediately.
   The 'Popular Campaign against the Buffer Zone' consists of  the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and several groups of non-governmental organizations.
This demonstration is organized weekly  on Tuesdays in places near the separation fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel.
It is organized to express solidarity with Palestinian farmers who work near the borders and can't reach their lands to work.
It is also organized to protest against Israel's attempts to enforce the security 'buffer zone' inside the Gaza Strip.

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