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About Al Mezan

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental human rights organization based in the Gaza Strip. Since its establishment in 1999, Al Mezan has been dedicated to protecting and advancing the respect of human rights — especially economic, social and cultural rights — supporting victims of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and enhancing democracy, community and citizen participation, and respect for the rule of law in Gaza as part of the occupied Palestinian territory.





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General and Contact Information

Contact details:


Main Office:

5/102-1 Habosh Road

Omar El-Mukhtar Street

Western Rimal

Gaza City

The Gaza Strip.

Telephone: +972 (0)8 245-3555                     

Fax: +972 (0)8 245-3554



Jabalia Office:

Main St.

Jabalia Camp

The Gaza Strip

P.O. Box 2714,

Telephone: +972 (0)8 282-0447                     

Fax: +972 (0)8 282-0442


Rafah Office:

Othman Bin Affan St.


Telfax: +972-(0)8-2137120