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Assault against Women's Journalists Forum in Rafah

26-03-2010 00:00

The Women's Journalists Forum in Rafah was broken into and some of its belongings were stolen.
The assailants left no evidence of how they entered the premises.
On Friday evening on 26 March 2010, one of the Forum's staff went to the Forum and found the door was unlocked.
When he entered the office he looked around the office and found that  a desktop computer was stolen and the main office desk drawer was broken although nothing was stolen from the drawer.
The Forum is in the Al Masri tower near the Rafah municipality building.
Police arrived and inspected the place.
The Forum had been previously broken into;  in 2007 a desktop computer, expensive digital camera and a recorder had been stolen.
According to the Forum staff members, there were no  damage to the door.
This brings to the mind previous assaults against other nongovernmental organization.

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