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Police Arrest Journalist Samir Khalifa


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2:30pm, on 24/5/2008, police arrested journalist Samir Khalifa from Palestine Square in central Gaza Strip.
Khalifa was finishing a report for Sudan Television about the police campaign to stop the use of vegetable oil as fuel for cars.
A severe gas shortage has caused people to begin using the oil as an alternative fuel.

One of the police officers informed him that there was a warrant for his arrest.
They took him to Al Shaja'ia police station.
When he arrived at the station, he was questioned about his work for Palestine Television.
Khalifa denied having any relation with it.
The deposed government issued a decree on 4/3/2008 that forced Palestine Television to stop working in the Gaza Strip.

He informed the police that he works for Sudan Television.
They released him two hours later when several parties, including his employer, Ramattan News Agency, intervened in order to get him released.

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