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The Municipality Services in Rafah: People’s Needs. December 28, 2003.

28-12-2003 00:00

Some residents of Rafah approached the Center seeking for help with problems they face due to inappropriate services provided by the municipality and other institutions in the public sector.
The Center took the initiative and invited a number of officials to discuss the problems and seek solutions.
The discussion rotated around the urgent need for a new cemetery in Rafah.
of participants 48 Key Speakers: Dr.
Muhammad Hijazi, PLC member.
Muhammad Lafi, director of the Awqaf in Rafah.
Izat Abu Al Khair, representing the Rafah Governor.
Summary of issues raised by the guest speakers: The speakers agree that Rafah residents face problems.
The problem of the cemetery is urgent as the old one is full.
There is a problem with the availability of land for a new cemetery, and other projects, especially as the Ministry of Religious Endowments does not have any land in Rafah.
The governorate is following up on the issue.
There was a land for a cemetery, but it is near the border and therefore inaccessible due to recurrent IOF attacks.
The Ministry of Religious Endowments is responsible for improving and maintaining cemeteries.
The ministry is seeking for appropriate land.
The PLC has been involved in the problem and encourages the executive bodies to finish the rest of the procedures as soon as possible to end the problem.
Summary of answers given by the public: The process took a long time and the problem is turning to a crisis now.
There is no place to bury the dead in Rafah.
The Municipality should open a road to the new site.
The organization of the new cemetery is very important as well as the maintenance in the future.
The new site is too close to the border and there is danger on people's life from Israeli attacks at this difficult time.
The Ministry of Religious Endowments is held responsible for finding a solution to this problem.
Planned and undertaken follow-up of issues raised:
The unit issued press news and covered the problem in local newspapers for dissemination.
There is contact with other units to contact the parties of specialty main offices in Gaza and urge them to end this problem.
Summary of evaluation forms of participants and speakers:
The speakers and participants said the meeting was relevant as this problem worries all of Rafah population.
In the evaluation forms they expressed their satisfaction regarding the timing, the theme and the organization of the meeting.
They, however, thought the number of participants (see above) was low.

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