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URGENT APPEAL! Al Mezan urges assistance in pushing for the release of foreign aid workers kidnapped in Iraq

04-12-2005 00:00

Date: 04/12/2005 On November 28th 2005, four foreign citizens working for Christian Peacemakers Team (CPT) in Iraq were kidnapped from a violent neighbourhood of Baghdad.
The four hostages are two Canadian citizens, one Briton and one US citizen, and remain in captivity; the kidnappers threaten to kill the hostages if Iraqi prisoners are not released by Thursday 8th.
The organisation for which the hostages are working, CPT, is one known whose aid workers are known as being some of the most courageous, enduring difficult situations in order to bring assistance to suffering local populations.
In Iraq, CPT was reporting cases of torture in the famous Abu Ghraib prison long before the torture scandals became public.
Moreover, CPT has been greatly active in Palestine, working in Hebron to peacefully but effectively confront aggression inflicted on the local community and children in particular by violent settlers and IOF soldiers.
The number of foreign charity workers in Iraq has greatly decreased over the past two years after a series of high- profile kidnappings, which consequently greatly affects the Iraqi people who are facing a critical neglect of humanitarian needs that are not being addressed due to the unstable political environment.
Al Mezan thus urges an imminent release of these international workers and the highest level of cooperation from Palestinian organisations to secure this release.

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