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Press Release: Al Mezan calls for investigation into house explosion in North Gaza and for preventative measures


On Saturday morning, 23 January 2021, a large explosion occurred in a residential area in Beit Hanoun, North Gaza, causing casualties and property damage. The exact circumstances surrounding the blast remain unclear.


Al Mezan’s investigations show that the blast originated from a three-story house in the Abu Ouda neighborhood in Beit Hanoun, completely destroying it. The explosion also caused damage to nearby structures, including six houses, the Beit Hanoun Hospital, a police station, a school, and a sports club. Forty-seven residents—including 19 children and 15 women—were moderately and lightly injured in the incident, and one causality was deemed serious, according to medical sources.  


Al Mezan is deeply concerned about the recurrence of such explosions, that in past incidents, were the result of defective storage or production of ammunition and explosives. Al Mezan stresses that such incidents stand out as a consistent indicator of instability in the Gaza Strip and, while continuing to result in civilian casualties and damage to property, are the responsibility of local authorities.


Al Mezan reiterates its calls on the authorities to launch a prompt, comprehensive, and credible investigation into this tragic event. The findings must be shared with the public and stringent measures must be implemented to deter future occurrences of such incidents.     


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