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Al Mezan Condemns Assault on Fatah Spokesperson in Gaza, Demands Investigation into the Incident

25-09-2018 11:31

At 3:05pm on Monday, 24 September 2018, Atef Talal Abu Seif, a 45-year-old spokesperson for Fatah Movement, and Mohammed Riyad Aqel, 30, were assaulted and beaten while in Al Naser street in North Gaza district.


Documentation by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights shows that Abu Seif was driving his (Skoda-branded) car back to his house in the area of Al-Saftawi neighborhood in the North Gaza district, along with Aqel. On the way, near Badri and Hania Company offices, the two men were stopped by two persons on a motorcycle. Two cars also followed the motorcycle and carried ten persons who were bare-faced, civilian-dressed, and armed with sticks and batons, and some with guns. The 12 persons circled Abu Seif’s car and began attacking the two men in the car. Both were hit in the head and suffered from bruises, with Abu Seif in particular sustaining a number of wounds.


Al Mezan condemns the attack on Abu Seif and Aqel and demands a prompt and thorough investigation into the incident, with perpetuators brought to justice.


Al Mezan warns that this attack marks an escalation of internal violence and represents the dangerous erosion of the rule of law in Gaza. Al Mezan stresses that bringing justice to such actors who perpetuate criminal activities is the legal obligation of competent authorities in Gaza—one that is basic to strengthening the rule of law. The competent authorities are obliged to provide effective protection to persons under their control. This obligation must be fulfilled, vis-à-vis state agents or otherwise, in order to promote safety, security, and justice in Gaza.


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