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Fatality and Three Injuries Due to Celebratory Gunfire Following Announcement of High School Exam Results in Gaza

12-07-2018 08:38

At 3:50pm on Sunday, 8 July 2018, Ramiz Dawoud, 17-year old resident of Shujayya neighborhood in east Gaza City, arrived dead to the Shifa Hospital in the city. His death was caused by a fatal injury in the head by a bullet shot in celebratory gunfire following the Ministry of Education’s announcement of results from the high school-leaving examinations, locally known as ‘Tawjehi’. The announcement was made earlier at 3pm on Sunday. Dawoud had completed high school at Yafa Secondary School, and he received the news of his success prior to his death.


On the same day, another three people, including one child, were moderately injured in celebratory gunfire and received treatment at different hospitals in the Gaza Strip.


Despite warnings issued by the Ministry of Interior in Gaza prior to the results announcement, heavy use of gunfire by families and relatives of successful high school graduates was seen, nevertheless.


Al Mezan’s documentation shows that from the start of 2018 to date of publication, seven people, of them two children, died and 17 others, including two children, were injured in incidents of gun abuse.


Al Mezan regrets the death of Dawoud and sends wishes of quick recovery to the other casualties.


Al Mezan cautions the competent authorities against showing tolerance to gun abuse or violence, which threatens public safety, security and stability, and is often committed at the expense of human lives. Al Mezan demands that these authorities take effective steps to prevent the spread and abuse of any firearms and to hold any non law-abiding citizens to account.