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Security Apparatus Detain Palestine TV Journalists and Confiscate Filming Materials

04-05-2018 21:40


At 1:45pm on Friday, 4 May 2018, a civilian-dressed person who identified himself as a member of the security apparatus in Gaza stopped two journalists working for Palestine TV: Samir Skaik and Shaheer Al Helo, while they were reporting on the latest meeting of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) allegedly because they did not have a permit. Near Al Naser Pediatric Hospital in Al Naser street in west Gaza city, the two journalists were conducting interviews with citizens to survey their opinions about the convening of PNC and the decisions of President Mahmoud Abbas. Both journalists had been detained in the street for about two hours before an official from the Ministry of Interior arrived to the place and emphasized the need for a permit prior to interviewing citizens. The journalists were released after the security personnel took away the memory card containing the videos of interviewed citizens.

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