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Journalist Detained by Security Apparatus in Gaza City

24-03-2018 05:51


At 11:30am on Saturday, 24 March 2018, security apparatus took to detention Mahmoud Basheer Zaabar, journalist at Hadaf News. According to field monitoring, Zaabar went to Al Azhar University in Gaza city to document a set-in organized by student unions inside the campus. The set-in was held in protest of the University’s decision to prevent students who have not paid their tuition from sitting for their mid-term examinations. Zaabar reported that security forces, dressed in civilian clothing, held him in custody at the campus safety unit inside the University; then, he was handed to the general intelligence apparatus at its Jawazat headquarters, where he was interrogated and had his work camera confiscated. At 1:45pm on the same day, Zaabar was released.

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