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Israeli Navy Arrests Five Fishermen and Confiscates their Boat


On Sunday, 3 December 2017, the Israeli Navy arrested five fishermen, including a minor, and confiscated their boat at five nautical miles from shore in the Al Sudaniya area of the North Gaza district. They were releases later in the day, but their boat remained in custody. Al Mezan condemns the continued violations against Palestinian fishermen, in particular of their rights to life, security of the person and livelihood.


According to Al Mezan’s monitoring and documentation, at 6 pm, the Israeli navy opened fire at the fishing boat, then surrounded it and arrested five fishermen who were on board. The boat was approximately five nautical miles from shore—in the permitted zone—when the incident occurred.

The fishermen, Al Sayyed Nasser Al Halabi, 27, Ayman Ahmed Tulba, 35, Samir Nabil Abu Al Sadeq, 30, Mohammed Ahmed Abu Al Sadeq, 25 and the child Ihab Ahmed Tulba, 16, are from Al Shati refugee camp in Gaza City.


At 11:50 pm, the Israeli navy released the five fishermen; however, their boat remained in Israel’s custody.


In 2017, the Israeli navy has opened fire in 181 incidents, killing two Palestinian fishermen and injuring 13.[1] In addition, the Israeli navy detained 35 fishermen and confiscated 12 fishing boats. 


The continued attacks on Palestinian fishermen are part of the Israeli policy to limit fishermen’s work and by consequence diminish their economic security and enjoyment of Palestinian natural resources. These practices violate their human rights to life, security of person, freedom from arbitrary detention and abuse, and to livelihood, and occur in violation of the principles of international humanitarian law.


Al Mezan urges members of the international community to act on their moral and legal obligations and to take steps to protect Palestinian fishermen and exert pressure on Israel to comply with international standards, including international human rights law. 


[1] A third fishermen is missing and presumed dead.

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