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Five Palestinian children die in a tent fire in Khan Yunis
Al-Mezan calls for providing adequate shelter for Palestinians who abandoned their houses near Israeli facilities immediately

07-01-2002 00:00

Yesterday, Sunday 6/1/2002 at dawn, five Palestinian children died and three persons were injured in a tragic accident when the tent they live in burned up.
All of the dead and wounded belong to the same family; Hinidiq family.
Mahrus Hinidiq’s family tragedy started 27/11/2000 when they were forced to abandon their house near at-Tuffah checkpoint west of Khan Yunis Refugee camp because of constant Israeli shelling of the area.
They took shelter at a flat, which was under construction, in an-Namsawi housing project, possessed by the Ministry of Housing, but the new area was not secure either for the same reasons.
After a few days Hinidiq led his family to al-Rimida area near the village of Bani Suhaila, eastern Khan Yunis.
They have been living in a tent the ICRC gave them since they left an-Namsawi.
The area is almost empty of houses and lacks all the basic services.
Yesterday at dawn Huinidiq’s daughter, Turkiya, got up thirsty and used a candle to find water.
Unfortunately, she did not put it off and fell asleep.
The tent burned up and five children died; they are: Nafith Mahrus Mahmud Hinidiq, five years old, died in Nasir Hospital in Khan Yunis.
Fadi Mahrus Mahmud Hinidiq, nine years old, died in Nasir Hospital in Khan Yunis.
Hussain Mahrus Mahmud Hinidiq, ten years old, died in Nasir Hospital in Khan Yunis.
Sufiyan Mahrus Mahmud Hinidiq, seven years old, died in Nasir Hospital in Khan Yunis.
Turkiya Mahrus Mahmud Hinidiq, six years old, died in ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.
In addition, three other persons from the same family were injured: Mahhmud Mahrus Mahmud Hinidiq, fifteen years old, still in hospital.
Mahrus Mahmud Hussain Hinidiq, forty-five years old, still in hospital.
Zainab Ali Hinidiq, thirty-five years old, still in hospital.
It is worth noting that tens of Palestinian families are living the same tragedy after they have left their houses in clashes areas in Rafah and Khan Yunis.
Their conditions are expected to worsen in the winter.
Besides, al-Mezan Center has an affidavit given by Mahrus Hinidiq on 22/3/2001, in which he describes his family’s suffering.
Moreover, al-Mezan organized a special “Face the Public’ meeting on this issue on 26/6/2001.
General Director of the Ministry of Housing, Dr.
Ramadan an-Najar, and PLC member, Mr.
Abdul-Karim Abu Salah attended the meeting, which aimed at highlighting the issue of Palestinian families whose houses were destroyed or abandoned.
It was recommended that Palestinian officers utilize humane solutions as soon as possible to these families.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights stresses the necessity to effectuate these recommendations, particularly providing such families with urgent adequate shelter.
These families should include both those families whose houses were destroyed by the Israeli forces and those who were forced to leave their houses for their own safety END