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Al Mezan demands investigation in the killing of three Palestinian young people near Bait Lahia, bringing the responsible to justice

05-01-2002 00:00

The Israeli occupation forces have perpetrated a terrible crime, killing three Palestinian youths north of the town of Bait Lahia at approximately 7:30pm Sunday 30 December 2001.
The Israelis relinquished the corpses of Muhammad Ahmad Libad, age 17, Muhammad Abdul-Rahman al-Madhun, age 16 and Ahmad Muhammad Banat, age 15, from ash-Shaikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City were to the PA on Thursday 1 January 2002, after four days of retention.
Palestinian medical sources told Al Mezan that the three bodies were taken to the Autopsy Institute in Abu Kabir Hospital inside Israel.
They added that there are marks of torturing and disfigurement on their bodies.
The sources said that the three people died from shrapnel and that heavy vehicles ran over them.
Libad’s body was defaced, Banat’s leg was cut and al-Madhun was injured with many bullets in his legs.
Banat’s grandfather, who attended the medical inspection of the corpses, said he noticed that the eyes were missing from his grandson’s face.
It is worth mentioning that the Israeli forces have disfigured many of Palestinians’ corpses in the past, notably the bodies of Midhat Abu Dalal’s and Ismail Abu al-Qumsan’s.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights gravely condemns the killing of the three persons and the disfigurement of their bodies.
The Center demands that an international inspection committee investigates the incident and brings those who perpetrated this crime to justice.