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Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns killing of the lawyer Mutair and asks for bringing the responsible to justice

05-01-2002 00:00

Yesterday , Friday 4/1/2002 at about 20:00, unknown persons shot and killed lawyer Riyad Abdul-Ra’uf Mtir, 50-years-old from an-Nasr Neighborhood in Gaza City.
Mutair’s body arrived at ash-Shifa hospital at about 21:10.
Medical resources said he died due to wounds by several live bullets in his chest and right arm.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with the increase of law encroaches, embodied by such accidents like Mutair’s killing.
It is worth noting that it is not the first time Palestinian citizens are killed this way and that the Occupied Palestinian Territories witnessed an increase of the cases of law encroaches and of people taking the law by their hands.
The Center believes that such acts threaten the rule of law seriously.
As such, the Center asserts the necessity of enforcing law and keeping the Palestinian judiciary prestige.
The Center calls the Palestinian Authority to take all the necessary steps to reveal the conditions of murdering Mutair and bringing those who stand behind it to justice.