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The Israeli Forces Perpetrate a New Crime. Four Palestinians Killed and Twenty-One Wounded in Khan Yunis

12-12-2001 00:00

Israeli helicopters shelled the southeastern area in Khan Yunis with missiles yesterday 11/12/2001 midnight.
At about 12:00, they shelled the area with a guided missile, targeting five Palestinians.
People gathered at the sound of the explosion but the helicopters shelled them.
Yasir Hasan Namus, 26-years-old, and Fadl Muhammad Abu Ubaida, 23-years-old, were killed, as a result.
At about 12:40, the helicopters shelled a nearby area, 400 meters from the first one.
The missiles hit a tent and two persons were killed: Is’ayid Abdul-Karim Abu Sittih, 31-years-old and Sa’id Ahmad Abu Sittih, 20-years-old.
Residents of the area gathered, but were shelled again.
As a result, 21 persons were wounded; four of them with critical injury, they are: Wisam Mharib, 23-years-old, and clinically dead.
Zyad Abu Sittih, 25-years-old, due to missile splinters in different parts of the body.
Shamil Wady, 20-years-old, due to missile splinters in different parts of the body.
Jabir Radwan, 28-years-old, due to missile splinters in different parts of the body.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights believes that these crimes constitute dangerous escalation of the Israeli aggression and falsify the Israeli claims that they aim to pacify the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
They also prove the fact that Israel is going on with its policy of mass punishment and targeting Palestinian civilians.
The center emphasizes that Israel continues its grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
The international community, particularly the High Contracting Parties to the Convention, must immediately intervene to put an end to these breaches.
The silence of the international community encourages Israel to keep on with its crimes against Palestinian civilians.
The center calls the international community, especially the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to act in harmony with their legal and moral responsibility towards Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.