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The Israeli occupation forces continue shelling the Occupied Palestinian Territories, tighten the siege on Palestinian towns and reoccupy PA territory

04-12-2001 00:00

Israeli helicopters and jets have attacked several targets in the Palestinian territories, both PA installations and civil premises.
At about 11:30 today, they shelled the Preventive Security site in ash-Shaikh Radwan, located in a densely populated residential area.
At least two Palestinians, Muhammad Ahmad Mahmud Syam, 23-years-old, a member of the Preventive Security civil staff and Muhammad Mahmud Abu Marasa, 15-years-old, were killed.
About 150 persons were also wounded; among them 60 school children.
Israeli helicopters have also shelled the Preventive Security and the National Security sites in Khan Yunis.
The shelling caused severe damage to the buildings and wounded many persons, especially because the shelling took place at the time when hundreds of school children were on their way home.
Then at about 13:00 Israeli jets bombed the Presidential Guards in at-Twam area north of Gaza City.
These forces have shelled many of the PA installations in the West Bank.
Israeli missiles hit the PA Headquarters, including the President’s Office, in Ramallah.
A military Intelligence site was shelled in Selfit and so were a Presidential Guards site and the police station in Tulkarim.
They have tightened the siege on Palestinian towns separating them from each other.
The roads between Ramallah and Jerusalem and Betonia are closed, while Bethlehem is totally isolated.
The Israeli forces have separated the Gaza Strip into three parts.
At about 16:35 yesterday 3/12/2001, Israeli helicopters shelled President Arafat’s Compound in Gaza.
The heliport, two helicopters and the fuel reservoirs were destroyed and a third helicopter was damaged.
Israeli military boats shelled the same compound with missiles which hit it and the nearby buildings.
A house owned by Abu Amra family was burnt due to the shelling.
Israeli jets have shelled the West Bank town of Jinin with three missiles.
The Governorate compound, which contains the President’s office and the police Headquarters, and destroyed it.
At about 12:30 today, Israeli forces entered Gaza International Airport in Rafah and bulldozed parts of the runway before leaving it three hours later.
Besides, Israeli tanks entered Bait Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, and ash-Shuhada Crossing area.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with these Israeli escalations, especially as the occupation forces use weapons to face mostly unarmed Palestinians.
The center believes that Israel is reoccupying the PA controlled territories.
As such, the center calls the international community for immediate intervention, especially the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention who are meeting in Geneva, to take all the possible steps that guarantee the safety of Palestinian civilians and to force Israel to respect the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Al-Mezan Center calls the Security Council to convene and force Israel to stop its crimes and occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.