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The Israeli Crimes continue; seven Palestinians killed in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

24-11-2001 00:00

One day after the killing of five school children in Khan Yunis, the Israeli forces continued their aggression against Palestinian civilians.
These forces opened fire on their funeral yesterday afternoon.
Wail Ali Radwan, 15-years-old from Abasan, was shot dead in his head and four others were wounded.
In Rafah, the Israeli forces opened fire on a taxi yesterday approximately at 20:30.
The driver died immediately and the other three persons were injured.
Ikram Jawad Abu Shamala, 22-years-old, one of the wounded in the accident, said in her affidavit to Al-Mezan Center that her husband, mother in law and herself were on atour by Gaza International Airport.
The taxi driver entered a branch road to go to Salah ad-Din Street, but once he reached it, the car was fired.
As a result, the driver, Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad al-Hinawi, 25-years-old died, Hadya Mislih Salah Abu Shamala is clinically dead, while Awad Said Abu Shamala, 27-years-old and Ikram were wounded.
An ambulance driver said that the Israeli forces opened fire on three ambulances that came to help.
Moreover, three Palestinians were assassinated yesterday when two helicopters shelled their car with five missiles.
Mahmud Muhammad Ahmad Abu Hanud, 34-years and known as Hamas Activist, the taxi driver, Ma’mun Hashaika, 28-years and his brother Ayman, 35-years, were killed.
In another accident, Muhammad Salim Muhammad Sama’ni, 20-years and Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Sama’ni, 21-years died in a suspicious explosion.
The two persons are known as Fatah activists.
There is a strong possibility that the Israeli forces are involved in their death, especially as they were involved in similar accidents.
Al-Mezan Center believes that these attacks constitute serious Israeli escalation, contrary to the Israeli claims of ceasefire, and proves that they would continue targeting civilians.
The Center calls for immediate international intervention to stop the ongoing Israeli violations to the international humanitarian law.
The international community’s silence would only encourage Israel to continue perpetrating crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
The High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions are required to act and meet their legal and moral responsibilities towards these civilians.