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The Occupation Forces Assassinate the Director of the Office of the General Amin al-Hindi (Director of the General Intelligence Services)


At around 8.
30am today, Saturday 1/9/2001, the Israeli occupation forces assassinated the doctor Taisir Zaid Khutab, 32 years old, resident of Tel al-Hawa in Gaza City, who worked as office director for the General Amin al-Hindi, director of the Palestinian General Intelligence Services.
He was assasinated with an explosive device placed in his car which exploded when he was driving, in the third street in the Shaikh Radwan neighbourhood near the Bir Saba'a Mosque, a white Volks-Wagen Golf with the number plate 3408990.
The explosion led to the injury of Omar Ahmad Abu Ghalyun, 30 years old, resident in al-Wihda Street in Gaza City who works as the bodyguard for the General Amin al-Hindi.
He was sitting on the seat in the front of the car next to Khutab.
Both of them suffered serious injuries and were taken to Shifa Hospital where after around an hour Khutab died.
Until now Abu Ghalyun is still in the intensive care unit.
The explosion led to the complete destruction of the car.
The explosion also led to the injury of three other civilians who were walking on the street at the time.
They are: Muhammaad Abd al-Karim Mahmud Abu Halil, 9 years old, resident of Jabalia.
Abd al-Karim Mahmud Abu Halil, 28 years old, resident of Jabalia.
Ghassan Rajb Khalil, 23 years old, resident of ar-Rimal in Gaza.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns this crime committed by the Israeli occupation forces and the Israeli policy aimed at murdering extra-judicially Palestinian leaders.
We emphasise that the conspiracy of silence of the international community towards these crimes encourage the occupation forces to increase their perpetration.
We demand the international community to intervene immediately to protect Palestinian civilians and to assume their responsibilites and duites towards them.

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