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The Occupation Forces Assassinate the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine


The day after the Israeli F16 warplanes bombed Palestinian positions with two one ton missiles, the Israeli occupation forces committed a new assassination of one of the most prominent Palestinian political figures, Mustafa Ali al-Ali al-Zubri know as Abu Ali Mustafa, 63 years old and the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in what is considered the most serious escalation of violence since the beginning of the intifada.
At around 11.
15am yesterday, Monday, two Israeli helicopters shot two missiles in the direction of the office of Abu Ali in al-Bira.
One of the missiles flew in through the northern window and the other through the eastern window causing his immediate death, the injury of two civilians who were in a nearby, and completely destroyed the furniture of the room.
It is worth mentioning that Abu Ali Mustafa returned to the Palestinian Territories on September 1999 on the gorunds of an accord signed between the PA and Israel.
The Israeli government has gone completely beyond all international covenants and accords.
The support beyond boundaries which the United States government gives to the Israeli government produces a policy of state terrorism in the dealing with the Palestinians especially producing a policy of extra-judicial killing which affects sectors of the Palestinian population including political leaders, public figures, women and children.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemn this terrorist act and demands the international community to intervene immediately and effectively in order to stop further pouring of blood in the Palestinian Territories by affording international protection to the Palestinians.
And emphasises that Israel must abide by international covenants and especially the Fourth Geneva Convention.
It calls onto the international community to stop the conspiracy of silence which encourages and helps the Israeli occupation forces to commit more crimes and aggressions against Palestinian civilians.

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