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Killing a Child in Gaza, Extra-Judical Assassination of a Palestinian in Jinin, Injury of a Fisherman and the Continuation of the bulldozing, Closure and the Comprehensive Siege on the Palestinian Territories


The Israeli Occupation Forces have continued their severe violation of the human rights and the International Humanitarian Law.
Yesterday, 23/7/2001, The Israeli Soldiers shot Rifat Saber an- Najjar, a fifteen-year-old child from Rafah with live ammunition in the heart.
It has been mentioned that the boy was buying some agricultural materials from a store 400m far from an Israeli military site, near Salah ad-Din gate; on the borderline that separates Egypt and the Palestinian occupied territories.
On the other hand, Mustafa Yasin, 19 years old, resident of Anin village in Jinin has been assassinated by especial forces that were disguised as chicken sellers.
At the beginning, they went to a chicken store belongs to Soliman Saleh whom they claim that he is wanted to the Israeli authorities, but they did not find Soliman.
Then they moved to Mustafa’s house and shot him in the leg once he opened the door, then they took him to unknown place.
Yasin was arrested on Sunday, 27/7/2001, due to his illegal work inside the green line, but he was released, as he was not among the wanted people for the Israelis.
Witnesses assured that they saw Mustafa walking while being led by those especial forces.
This proves that he was assassinated while under arrest.
The Israeli occupation army has also shot the Palestinian fisherman Muhammad Zayid, twenty-eight years old in his left leg yesterday evening.
The Israeli Occupation forces continue to escalate their aggression against the Palestinian territories.
In east of Gaza, opposite to the settlement of Nhal Ouz, they broke into some areas at 10.
30 am and bulldozed some agricultural lands belonging to: Soliman Saleh Shamali, 22.
5 dunams planted with olive trees.
Soliman Khalid Helis, 15 dunams planted with olive trees.
Rajab az-Zaza, 7.
5 dunams planted with olive trees.
It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Occupation forces continue their comprehensive siege on the Palestinian territories where they have closed Salah ad-Din main road, which connects the southern and northern governates of Gaza.
The Occupation Forces based in the military sites at al-Heker road are acting in a humiliating way against the Palestinians who travel through that road which is the only transport road between the eastern and southern governates of the Gaza Strip.
Moreover, The Israeli forces continue to annoy and put pressure on the Palestinian passengers who travel through Rafah land terminal that connects Gaza with the outside world.
The Passengers are some times forced to spend at least 5 days in the open air, at the Egyptian side of the terminal due to the slowing down of travel procedures and the reduction of number of the Palestinian staff working there.
In another escalation, the Israeli Occupation Forces announced early this morning imposing a comprehensive siege on Jericho where no one is allowed to leave the city.
Besides, a curfew was imposed on Anin village last night.
On the basis of the above, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights considers the continuation of war crimes against Palestinian civilians by the Israeli Occupation Forces to be extremely dangerous.
It warns of the consequences of the continuous drop of the economic situation under the siege and closure as a collective punishment.
In the Light of the dangerous escalation we would like to demand the following: The International Community must immediately provide protection for the Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories The High Contracting Parties of the 4th Geneva Convention must immediately put an end to the Israeli crimes.
Demands the international community to fulfill the legal obligations to in accordance with international law by pursuing the Israeli war criminals and bringing them to justice.

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