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IOF Arrests Palestinian Man from Jabaliya

06-12-2016 16:34

At approximately 10:00 am on Monday, 7 November 2016, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Fayeq Hassan Sulaiman Abu Rashed, 61, from his house in Houra in Beer-Sheva city. He was then taken to an interrogation center.

According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, the IOF broke into Abu Rashed’s house and arrested him. He was released at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, 6 December 2016, and sent back to Gaza City.

Abu Rashed has previously submitted a request to the Israeli authority in order to have a personal identity card.

It’s worth mentioning that Abu Rashed is resident of Jabaliya, and he moved to live with his family in Beer-Sheva 14 years ago.

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