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Al Awadat family, Al Maghazi refugee camp


Al Awadat family, Al Maghazi refugee camp


At approximately 7:30 am on Sunday 13 July 2014, Israeli drones fired two missiles at the house of Ahmed Hassan Al Awadat (36) which is located in Al Za’faran area in Al Maghazi refugee camp. A few seconds later, an F16 warplane attacked the house. According to information available to Al Mezan, Ahmed and his wife left the house and his family who was living next to him tried to escape when a warplane missile struck the house. The two houses were totally destroyed. Some of the family members did not manage to escape the houses. Laila Hassan Al Awadat (37) sustained shrapnel wounds in the head and burns. She was pronounced dead at Al Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al Balah. Her mother, Fatma Suleiman Al ‘Awadat (65), sustained critical wounds in the head and fracture in the pelvis and chest.


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