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The An-Nawasra family, Al Maghazi refugee camp


The An-Nawasra family, Al Maghazi refugee camp


At approximately 2:55pm on Wednesday 9 July 2014, Israeli aircraft attacked with one missile the house of Awad Al Nawasra (50) while residents were inside. The house was attacked without warning. The two-story house was about 170 square meters in area and is located in Al Waz (Geese) Pool area east to As-Sekka area in the refugee camp of Al Maghazi. The house was damaged and four people were killed, including two children, and two other people were injured.  The house was targeted again on 20 and 26 August 2014 and was totally destroyed. Two people were injured and several adjacent houses were damaged due to these attacks.


Al Mezan has identified the names of people who were killed as follows:


  1. Salah Awad Al Nawasra (22);
  2. Aisha Shabib Mahmoud Al Nawasra (23) Salah's wife;
  3. Nedal Khalaf Al Nawasra (4) Salah's grandson; and
  4. Mohammed Khalaf Al Nawasra (2) Nedal's brother.


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