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Al Helou family, Sheja'iya, Gaza City


Al Helou family, Sheja'iya, Gaza City


At approximately 3:00 am on 20 July 2014, Israeli warplanes attacked the house of Jalal Al Helou, located in the Sheja'iya neighbourhood in eastern Gaza City, killing 11 people.

Jehad Al Helou and his immediate family had moved to the home of Jalal on 19 July 2014. Jalal already left Sheja'iya neighbourhood with his immediate family earlier the same day. The night of the 20 July saw the heaviest Israeli shelling and bombing in the Sheja'iya neighbourhood, and most of its residents fled under attack.

Asma' Al Helou was injured and admitted to Al Shifa Hospital where she died from her injuries on 21 July 2014. The entire immediate family of Ahmed Jehad Al Helou was killed (Ahmed, his wife and their three children). Most bodies could only be recovered after one week, on 27 July 2014.


Al Mezan identified the people killed as follows:

  1. Jehad Mahmoud Al Helou, (58);
  2. Seham Atta Al Helou (56), Jehad's wife;
  3. Mohammed Jehad Al Helou, (29). Jehad's son;
  4. Asma' Jehad Al Helou (24), Jehad's daughter;
  5. Tahrir Jehad Al Helou (20), Jehad's daughter;
  6. Najiya Jehad Al Helou (15), Jehad's daughter;
  7. Ahmed Jehad Al Helou (26), Jehad's son;
  8. Hedaya Talal Al Helou (24), Ahmed's wife;
  9. Maram Ahmed Al Helou (2), Ahmed and Hedaya's daughter;
  10. Abdel Karim Ahmed Al Helou, (5 months) Ahmed and Hedaya's son; and
  11. Karam Ahmed Al Helou (5 months), Ahmed and Hedaya's son, and Abdel Karim's twin.


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