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Al Hallaq family, Gaza City


Al Hallaq family, Gaza City

At approximately 7:20pm on Sunday, 20 July 2014, Israeli aircraft fired three missiles targeting the apartment of Hani Mohammed Al Hallaq, 29, which is located on the second floor in the Cordoba Building in the Al Rimal neighbourhood in western Gaza City. Two missiles hit the apartment while the third fell at the entrance of the building. A family, also from the Al Hallaq extended family,  had evacuated their home in the neighbourhood of Al Sheja'iya and sought refuge with their relatives, was present in the apartment. The Ammar family lived on the first floor of the building. The members of Jum'a family had also fled Al Sheja'iya and sought refuge with relatives of the wife, the Ammar family. Three other people were injured in the attack and medical sources at Al Shifa Hospital described their injuries as moderate.


Al Mezan has identified those killed  as follows:


  1. Hani Mohammed Al Hallaq (29);
  2. Hala Akram Al Hallaq (27), Hani's wife;
  3. Mohammed Hani Al Hallaq (2), Hani and Hala's son;
  4. Su'ad Mohammed Al Hallaq (62), Hala's mother;
  5. Samar Usama Al Hallaq (29), was nine months pregnant;
  6. Kenan Hassan Al Hallaq (5), Samar's son;
  7. Saji Hassan Al Hallaq (3), Samar's son;
  8. Ibrahim Khalil Ammar (12), Khalil and Nawal Ammar's son;
  9. Iman Khalil Ammar (8), Ibrahim's sister;
  10. Asim Khalil Ammar (4), Ibrahim and Iman's brother; and
  11. Rahaf Akram Jum'a (3), relative from of the extended family.



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