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Kaware' family, Khan Younis


Kaware' family, Khan Younis


At approximately 2:55pm on Tuesday, 8 July 2014, an Israeli drone fired a missile at the house of Odeh Ahmed Mohamed Kaware’ that is located in Jurat Al Lout area in Khan Younis. Five families were living in the three-story house. The residents of the house evacuated and a large number of neighbours gathered on the top of the house and in the street to try to stop the Israeli forces from attacking it. About ten minutes later, an Israeli warplane attacked the house. As a result, nine people were killed, including six children. Another 28 people were injured. The house was totally destroyed. Al Mezan identified the  people killed as follows:

  1. Ammar Mohammed Judeh (18);
  2. Hussein Yousef Kaware’ (11);
  3. Mohammed Ibrahim Kaware’ (52);
  4. Basil Salim Kaware’ (9);
  5. Mohammed Ali Kaware’ (14);
  6. Abdullah Mohammed Kaware’ (17);
  7. Qasim Jaber Kaware’ (11);
  8. Seraj Iyad Abdel ‘Al (7); and
  9. Sami Abdullah Judeh (18). He was pronounced dead on 19 July 2014.


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