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Al Bakri family, Al Shati’ refugee camp, Gaza City


Al Bakri family, Al Shati’ refugee camp, Gaza City


At approximately 10:07am on Monday, 4 August 2014, during a truce announced by Israel, an Israeli warplane fired a missile at the house of Ahmed Kamal Al Bakri (38), which is located in Al Shati (beach) refugee camp, western Gaza City. The three-storey house was hosting four families consisting of 30 people, including 17 children. It was totally destroyed. 35 people were injured including 14 children and 8 women. Another two adjacent houses, belonging to the Ayyad and Abu Touha families, were severely damaged. Six people were killed in the attack.


Al Mezan has identified the people killed as follows:

  1. Ibtisam Ibrahim Al Bakri (37), Mohammed's wife;
  2. Asil Mohammed Kamal Al Bakri (7), Mohammed and Ibtisam's daughter;
  3. Asma' Mohammed Kamal Al Bakri (3 months), Mohammed and Ibtisam's daughter;
  4. Kamal Ahmed Al Bakri (3), Ahmed's son who died on the next day at Al Shifa Hospital;
  5. Ramadan Ahmed Al Bakri (33), Mohammed's brother; and
  6. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Aidi Al Mashharawi (30), an acquaintance of the family who was visiting.



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