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Mhesin building, Deir Al Balah


Mhesin building, Deir Al Balah

At approximately 2:00 pm on Saturday 23 August 2014, an Israeli warplane fired one missile at the house of Ali Abdel Jawad Mohammed Mhesin (67) that is located behind Yafa Hospital in Beshara neighbourhood in Deir Al Balah. The four-story house is 350 square meters in area and hosts about 70 inhabitants. The building was totally destroyed. Seven minutes before this attack an Israeli drone fired one missile at the house. The attack on Mhesin building also destroyed the adjacent house of Khalid Hussein Ahmed, 43. 

As a result of the attack, three people were killed: 

  1. Suheir Abdel Karim Abu Middin (43) who was a resident of the Mhesin building;
  2. Nisrin Ibrahim Ahmed (38); and
  3. Hussein Khalid Ahmed  (7) Nisrin's son.


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