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Abu 'Ayta family, Jabliya refugee camp


Abu 'Ayta family, Jabliya refugee camp

At approximately 12:50am on Thursday, 24 July 2014, an Israeli warplane fired a missile at the house of Mohammed Hassan Al Ajrami that is located opposite Ahmed Yasin mosque on Al Ajarma Street in Tal Al Za'tar in Jabaliya, North Gaza district. As a result, the house was completely destroyed and an adjacent house belonging to Ibrahim Abu 'Ayta and his sons was severely damaged. The owners of the house - Ibrahim and his wife Jamila Abu 'Ayta - as well as two of their sons and one grand-son, were killed. According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, an Israeli drone fired two missiles at the two-storey house of the Al Ajrami family. Ten minutes later an Israeli warplane attacked the house. Following the first missile attack and not knowing what its target was, the Abu 'Ayta family gathered on the ground floor of their house. They gathered just seconds before the second attack occurred. Their house  is adjacent to the Al Ajrami house.


Al Mezan identified those killed from the Abu 'Ayta as follows:

  1. Ibrahim Abdullah Abu 'Ayta (66);
  2. Jamila Salim Abu 'Ayta (54), Ibrahim’s wife;
  3. Mohammed Ibrahim Abu 'Ayta (31), Jamila and Ibrahim's son;
  4. Ahmed Ibrahim Abu 'Ayta (31), Jamila and Ibrahim's son; and
  5. Adham Ahmed Ibrahim Abu 'Ayta (4), Ahmed's son.


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