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The Abu Dahrouj Family, Al Zawaida village


The Abu Dahrouj Family, Al Zawaida village


At approximately 12:15am on Saturday 23 August 2014 an Israeli warplane fired a missile at the house of Shehda Abed-Rabbo Abu Dahrouj (68) that is located near Abu Obieda mosque in Al Zawaida village, close to Al Nuseirat refugee camp in Middle Gaza district. As a result, the house was destroyed and five people were killed. Mohammed and Abdel Hamid Suleiman Abu Dahrouj (10 and 8 respectively) were critically injured in the attack. 

Al Mezan identified the victims of the attack on 23 August as follows: 

  1. Hayel Shehda Abed-Rabbo Abu Dahrouj (28) Shehda's son;
  2. Huda Mohammed Abu Dahrouj (27) Hayel's wife;
  3. Abdullah Hayel Abu Dahrouj (3) Hayel and Huda's son;
  4. Abdel Hadi Hayel Abu Dahrouj (1.5) Hayyel and Huda's son; and
  5. Hayat Abed-Rabbo Abu Dahrouj (49) Shehda's sister.



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