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Al Khalili family, Gaza City


At approximately 9:00 am on Wednesday 30 July 2014, Israeli tanks fired two artillery shells at the house of Mohammed A’ta Al Khalili that is located in Al Sanafour area in At-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City. One of the shells fell on a group of the family members while they were waiting to be evacuated. As a result, eight people were killed, including two women and three children; and a fire broke out. Al Mezan identified the names of people killed as follows:


  1. Ashraf Mahmoud Al Khalili (33)
  2. Nedaa Ziyad Al Khalili (27). Ashraf's wife
  3. Deema Ashraf Al Khalili (5). Ashraf's daughter
  4. Ziyad Ashraf Al Khalili (2). Ashraf's son.
  5. Mahmoud Ashraf Al Kahlili (7). Ashraf's son. Sustained critical injuries and was referred to Egypt and died on 4 August 2014
  6. Ahmed Mahmoud Al Khalili (28). Ashraf's brother
  7. Aya Mohammed Al Khalili (23). Ahmed's wife and she was three months pregnant
  8. Lama Ahmed Al Khalili, 4. Ahmed's daughter


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