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Al Mezan condemns attempt to assassinate Al Jafarawi


In a new indicator of the deterioration of the internal security and violence in the Gaza Strip, a bomb exploded in the car of lawyer Majid Al Jafarawi, who sustained moderate injury.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights' field investigations in this incident revealed that the explosion occurred in Al Wehda Street in Gaza city at approximately 9:40pm yesterday, Monday 28 March 2005.
The bomb was planted beneath the Car's driver seat.
50-year-old lawyer Majid Al Jafarwi was injured as a result.
Al Mezan knew that Al Jafarwi is expected to run for office in the coming Bar Association elections on an independent capacity.
This incident took place one day after an assault against a candidate for the local elections in Rafah, southern the Gaza Strip, Azmi Abu Moor.
These events come in a serious context of deterioration of the security and absence of law enforcement, which included attacks against institutions and individuals, in the Gaza Strip.
Al Mezan is highly concerned by these serious incidents and calls the Palestinian National Authority to withhold its legal responsibilities of ensuring the security of Palestinian citizens.
The Center calls the PNA to initiate a transparent investigation in this case, as well as previous similar cases, and bring those who are proved responsible to justice.
Once again, Al Mezan warns about the serious consequences on Palestinian basic rights, freedoms and safety of such incidents if the PNA did not fulfill its legal obligations.

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