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Al Mezan condemns the Israeli violations against Palestinians and calls upon the International Community to immediately intervene

25-09-2005 00:00

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) escalated their attacks on Palestinians civilians, property and other civilian premises.
27 Palestinians were reported injured as a result.
In addition, they continued to impose tight siege on the Gaza Strip.
According to the center's fieldworkers, on September 25th, at approximately 00:10am, Israeli air forces shelled the house of Ziad Ahmad Mahmud Abu Hayya in Ash-Shami area in Bani Seheila village, east Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip.
No casualties were reported.
However, the house was totally destroyed, while two other adjacent houses were badly damaged.
At approximately 1:10 am, an Israeli helicopter fired two missiles at the Dar Al Arqam School, in a densely populated area, in At Tuffah neighborhood, north Gaza City.
The western part of the school was destroyed.
In addition, 10 near by houses were partially destroyed, 25 Palestinians were wounded, seven of whom were children.
At around 3:05 am, an Israeli helicopter fired two missiles at the building of Al Taghrid Association for Culture and Arts, in Beit Hanun town, north of the Gaza Strip.
The building was severely damaged.
Ten Minutes later, they attacked the house of Abdal Rahman Mahmud Qarmut , near Kamal Odwan Hospital in Beit Lahia twon, north of the Gaza Strip.
The attack resulted in bad damages of Qarmut's house and another nearby house.
On September 24th, at approximately 15:30 pm, Israeli helicopters fired missiles at a blue Volkswagen microbus and a blue Renault 9 car, in Az Zaitun neighborhood in Gaza City, killing Nafez Mohamad Abu Hassanein, 30, from Sheikh Redwan neighborhood, and Rawad Fathi Farahat, 17, from Ash-Shuja'ia Neighborhood.
IOF declared that they assassinated the aforementioned persons as they were Hamas activists.
At around 11:45 pm, an Israeli helicopter fired missiles at the house of Maher Mahmud Jasser Al Farra, located in Seikh Nasir neighborhood, east Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, destroying it totally.
One Palestinian civilian was wounded and two nearby houses were damaged as a result.
Al Mezan Center condemns the continuation of the Israeli offensive and their policy of collective punishment against Palestinians civilians.
The center emphasizes that extra judicial assassination of Palestinians, continued imposition of tight sieges in the Gaza Strip, destruction of property and educational premises and killing of Palestinian civilians constitute war crimes according to international humanitarian law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention.
The center calls upon the international community particularly the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention, to immediately intervene to halt the Israeli violations and provide protection to the Palestinians civilians and their property in the OPT, especially at this time while indicators shows IOF's intention to commit more crimes.

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