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IOF assassinate two Palestinians, shell civilian establishments, and continue to close the Gaza Strip


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continue to escalate their offensive against Palestinians in the OPT, killing two Palestinians, destroying a smithery workshop and a cultural center and spreading panic among civilians, particularly children.
They also continue to close all crossings connecting the Gaza Strip with the outside world.
According to the center's field investigations, on September 26th, at approximately 2:15, an Israeli jet airplane fired three rockets on unpopulated area, near the industrial area at the entrance of Beit Hanoun town, north the Gaza Strip.
One of the rockets exploded and resulted in the injury of a 20-year-old Laila Salem Abu Hashish, and damaged two workshops for agricultural equipment owned by Khamis Hussein Abd Al Majdalawai and Ahmed Mohamed Faiyad Al Masri.
At around 4:20 am, the same day, Israeli helicopters fired two missiles at the house of Hisham Thabet Ahmed, located in Block (N), eastern the Mobarak Hospital, in Khan Younis Refugee camp.
The attack resulted in bad damages in Ahmed's house, three other nearby houses, the building of ministry of Social affairs and a vocational training center.
Further, khaled Mahmud Qanan, 43, and his wife Halima Ismail Qannan, 40, were injured.
At approximately 4:30 am IOF helicopters shelled Magdi office for Media, located in Al Jneina Neighborhood, in Rafah, southern the Gaza Strip.
The office used to carry out cultural activities.
No causalities were reported.
However the office was severely damaged.
At approximately 4:45 am IOF helicopters shelled a smithery workshop owned by Mohamed Mosa Ahmed Sha'ban, in Az Zaitoun Neighborhood, in Gaza City.
It is worth noting that this workshop had been attacked several times during the last few years.
Moreover, on September 25th, at around 7:20 pm, an IOF helicopter fired missiles at a white Mercedes car while in the Beach street, in Gaza City, killing Mohammed Khail Al sheikh, 32, and Nasir jamil Barhoum, 34, and wounding 3 pass-byres, one of them sustained serious injuries.
Al Mezan Center condemns the escalation of the Israeli violations against Palestinians in the OPT.
It emphasizes that extra judicial assassination of Palestinians, frequent threats of intensifying air strikes, continued imposition of tight sieges in the Gaza Strip, destruction of property and civilian establishments, and killing of Palestinian civilians constitute grave breaches of international humanitarian law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Times of War.
The center calls upon the international community particularly the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention, to immediately intervene to put an end to the Israeli crimes and provide protection to the Palestinians civilians and their property in the OPT, especially at this time while indicators shows IOF's intention to commit more crimes.

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