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IOF Kill Eight Palestinians, and Injure Nineteen Others.

30-10-2005 00:00

The Israel Occupation Forces continued their offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip this week, killing eight people, three of whom were children, and injuring 19 others.
The Israeli air force continued to terrorize the population by producing sonic booms throughout Gaza by breaking the speed barrier in Gazan airspace, as the military maintained the closure of the Strip and prevented the entry of basic goods.
On October 27th, at approximately 7:45 pm, an Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile at a Subaru car in al Alami Street, at the northern entrance of the densely populated Jabalia refugee camp.
The attack killed seven Palestinians, including three children under the age of 18.
19 others were injured, including five women, who were seriously injured.
The killed included: Shadi Suheil Sakeb Mohana, aged 25; Mohammad Ahmad Qandil, aged 47; Mohammad Rmeih al Wheidy, aged 55; Fayez Hassan Badran, aged 52; *Rami Riyad Assaf, aged 17; *Karam Mohammad Mohammad Abu Naji, aged 14, *Saleh Said Mohammad aged 15.
In addition, on October 28th, at approximately 5:15pm, an Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile at another Subaru car near the Faculty of Agriculture, in the northern town of Beit Hanoun.
The attack killed Majed Ebrahim Natat, aged 27, and injured others.
Natat is said to have been involved in the firing of locally made missiles into Israeli territory.
In the last few days, Israeli F16s also fired 33 rockets in locations near residential areas in northern Gaza, causing severe damage to nearby houses, cutting off electricity, and causing widespread panic among the local population.
Al Mezan calls on the international community to immediately intervene and put an end to ongoing Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, to provide protection to the Palestinian people and to demand the end of the closure imposed on Gaza.
Al Mezan also calls upon the international community to undertake its responsibility to uphold the articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

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