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Al Mezan condemns the attempt to assassinate Director General of Intelligence Department and the intensified state of insecurity


Numbers of victims due to the state of insecurity have augmented within an insecure Palestinian society, killing one citizen and injuring 17 in various incidents, the latest being the explosion in the General Intelligence Department in Gaza City which targeted the Director, Major General Tareq Shanyora “Abu Rajab”.
According to Al Mezan investigations, at approximately 10.
20am on May 20th, a large explosion took place in the elevator at the Intelligence Department located in Al Sudania area on Jabalia beach.
Major General Abu Rajab and his bodyguards entered the elevator when the bomb exploded, killing Ali Abu Hasira, 30, injuring Abu Rajab and 9 intelligence officials who were close to the location.
Medical sources reported that three of the wounded remain in critical condition.
The last couple of days witnessed at least five different incidents, including shootings, explosions inside houses owned by militants, detention, and intensification of the state of insecurity due to the lack of rule of law.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights expresses serious concern over the ongoing state of insecurity and militarization of society; it also condemns the sorrowful incidents and loss of innocent people.
Thus, Al Mezan calls upon the PNA and political parties and bodies to immediately intervene to put an end to the crisis and work jointly to achieve stability within the Palestinian society by imposing the law.
Further, Al Mezan calls upon the PNA to open investigations into the explosion which targeted Maj.
Abu Rajab, bring perpetrators to justice and reveal results of previous similar investigations, a step which would certainly encourage the cessation of such crimes and reinforce the rule of the law within society.

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