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Gaza Diaries9: 'All that was left were the fragments of their little bodies and the small bag of chicken food' Three children killed on the roof of their home in an Israeli bombardment


Gaza Diaries: 9 On Thursday, 17 July 2014, an Israeli occupation force (IOF) drone fired a missile onto the roof of the Shuheebar family home, which is located in the Sabra neighbourhood in Gaza City.
Three children - a girl and two boys - were killed in the attack.
They were feeding the chicken that the family keeps on the roof.
According to an initial investigation by the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, at approximately 5:30 pm yesterday, 17 July 2014, an Israeli drone fired a missile onto the roof of the house of the Shuheebar family, who live in the densely populated area of Sabra in Gaza City.
The attack killed three children aged between 8 and 11, and injured two others.
The children who were killed have been identified as: Afnan Wesam Shuheebar, 8; Jehad Issam Shuheebar, 11; and Waseem Issam Shuheebar; 8.
Basil Shuheebar, 8, and Odai Shuheebar, 16, were also injured in the attack; Basil is still in the hospital in critical condition.
No members of the family are known to be affiliated with any Palestinian resistance armed groups.
Wesam, the father of the 8-year-old girl, Afnan, is an employee of the police of the Palestinian Authority, and the children were on the roof of his house in which 12 members of the Shuheebar family live, including 8 children.
  Al Mezan interviewed Jameela Shuheebar, 65, the grandmother of the deceased children.
She said the family were all inside the house when the attack occurred.
She added that she “rushed to the roof where the sound came from to see my grandchildren's bodies on the ground.
All that was there were the fragments of their little bodies and the small bag of chicken food, which they were giving the chicken on the roof.
Our neighbors and my sons carried the pieces of flesh to the hospital, where Odai is still lying in the Intensive Care Unit.
” Al Mezan expresses shock at the attack, which is one attack in the trend of continuous military bombardments on civilians and civilian structures throughout the past ten days.
At least 48 children have been killed in IOF attacks on civilian targets, which have mostly been houses.
The attacks must be condemned and prosecuted.

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