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The Abu Is'ayid Family Case Study
A Story of Attacks in the Access Restricted Area, and Waiting for Justice


Over the past 14 years Israel has gradually decreased access to Palestinian land in the Gaza Strip including farmlands and fishing grounds along the eastern and northern borders by land and western border by sea.
These access restricted areas (ARA), also referred to as a buffer-zone, are militarily enforced by incursions and use of live fire at residents, workers, and property.
Prior to the Second Intifada in 2000, the Israeli military unilaterally implemented an undefined “no-go” zone and began leveling lands near the 1949 Armistice Line (Green Line).
By mid-2006, Israel was leveling Gaza lands and civilian structures between 300 and 500 meters from the Green Line and the fishing area was reduced to six nautical miles (nm) from the 20 nm agreed under the 1994 Oslo Accords.
Since then, the designated fishing zone has been restricted between 3 nm and the current 6 nm.
In January 2009, the Israeli military dropped leaflets informing residents not to move within 300 meters from the Green Line at risk of being shot at.
In practice, Palestinians are shot at beyond 1,500 meters from the border fence.

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