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Israeli Aircraft Kills Two Men and Injures Two Children in Beit Hanoun


At approximately 7:55 pm on Monday 3 March 2014, Israeli aircraft attacked two men who were in As-Sultan Abdel Hameed Street west of Beit Hanoun in North Gaza district.
Mus’ab Mousa Hassan Az-Za’aneen, 21, was immediately killed and Sharif Yousif Nasser, 21, was injured.
Medical sources at Kamal Odwan hospital described his injury as critical and referred him to Shifa hospital in Gaza.
The Ministry of Health pronounced him dead on the same day.
Two passersby children were injured in the attack: Mohammed Al Basyoni, 15, sustained critical injuries in the abdomen, head, and legs, and Rania Oda, 13, sustained shrapnel in her left hand palm.
They are residents of Beit Hanoun.

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