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Gaza’s Internal Security Apparatus Confiscates Paltoday TV and Ma’an News Agency Cameras in Rafah

03-07-2013 00:00

On Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, at approximately 11:30 am, Gaza’s Internal Security Apparatus confiscated the cameras of two journalists, Mothana Al Najjar, who works for Paltoday TV, and Firas Jouda Mansour, who works for Ma’an News Agency while they were conducting interviews near Be’r Qishta St.
on the impact of the closure of the tunnels and on living conditions in Gaza Gaza’s Border Authority detained the two journalists in their office located at the end of Salah Al Din Gate on the grounds of filming the authority’s border.
Gaza’s Border Authority confiscated both journalists’ cameras, tape recorders and the logos of both TV channels before releasing them later.
According to the Journalists’ accounts, they said they were told by the same authority not to film in the tunnel area, so they had then moved near Be’r Qishta St to conduct the interviews.

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