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Al Mezan Organizes a Lecture on International Humanitarian Law for Law Students

31-03-2008 00:00

Today, Monday 31 March 2008, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a lecture on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for a group of students from the Al-Azhar University in Gaza.
The lecture is part of the activities under the "Promotion of IHL and ESCR by Education in Gaza" project, which is supported by Diakonia.
The lecture was held in the training hall at the Center's main office in Gaza city.
24 law students participated in it.
The lecture aimed to raise the participants' awareness about the development of IHL, its sources, principles and content.
It also aimed to provide them with a view about the practical applications and mechanisms of IHL in the Gaza Strip.
During the lecture, participants discussed the violations of IHL by the Israeli Occupation Forces.
At the end, students stressed on the significant role of the international community, acting upon its responsibilities to protect civilians under occupation, in ensuring Israel's compliance with the principles of IHL.

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