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Al Mezan Concludes Training Course for Religious Leaders on Rights of the Child

12-06-2008 00:00

On Thursday, 12 June 2008, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights concluded a training course on the "Rights of the Child in International Human Rights Law and Sharia Law.
" Al Mezan organized the training course in cooperation with the Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs and in coordination with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).
The course lasted four days at Al Mezan's office in Gaza City.
The training course targeted fifteen Imam and religious leaders who work for the Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs in Rafah.
The course targeted these leaders, as they play a fundamental role in Palestinian society and have a great impact on the various sectors in the community.
They therefore can play an effective role in advancing child rights; a responsibility shared by all organs of society.
They received training on promoting the principals of children's rights and about protection mechanisms in place to uphold these rights.
Staff from Al Mezan and other organizations implemented the training sessions.
The training program included an introduction to the theoretical framework of human rights and International Humanitarian Law (IHL), the most important international children's rights treaties, and child rights upheld under Palestinian law.
During the training course, participants discussed the protection of children under Sharia law.
One session was devoted to discussing and identifying mechanisms for effective intervention for protecting Palestinian children within Islamic legislation and international standards.
The course also included special sessions for promoting and enhancing the concepts and principals of IHL related to the protection of children as apart of the Center's activities under the "Promotion of IHL and ESCR by Education in Gaza" project.

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