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Al Mezan Center Begins Second Training on Strengthening Freedom of the Press and Expression for Journalists


On Tuesday, 1/7/2008, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights began the second training course as part of the Center's activities that falls under the "Promotion of Freedom of Expression and Media Work in Gaza" project.
The project is supported by Care International under its Tazeez Project.
The six -day course targets a number of journalists who work in different media institutions in the Gaza Strip.
It aims at raising awareness of human rights, and particularly the right to expression and freedom of the press.
The training course includes many human rights topics including the rights of the child, right to development, gender rights, and freedom of expression and access to information, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), torture, the role of media in promoting human rights, democracy and national peace, and, finally, the legal frameworks that guide national and international press.
Al Mezan began this project as a response to the violations of the right to free expression and media work in the Gaza Strip in 2007.
Journalists can play a significant role in promoting national peace and human rights in general.
The project encourages them to perform this role and to act upon human rights in general and freedom of expression in particular.
This is the second training course of five in the project that Al Mezan will conduct.
At the end of the training course, a declaration of the best media practices will be drafted by Al Mezan and the participants.

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