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Update on the current situation of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli custody, six weeks after the conclusion of an agreement between hunger‐strike leaders and the Israeli Prison Service (IPS)
26 June 2012, International Day Against T

26-06-2012 00:00

On 14 and 15 May, an agreement was concluded between hunger‐striking Palestinian prisoners and detainees and the Israeli Prison Service (IPS).
Its provisions included the release of hunger‐striking administrative detainees whose lives were in danger at the end of their current terms; ending the use of long‐term solitary confinement for “security” reasons for 19 prisoners; renewal of family visits from the Gaza Strip and alleviating restrictions for families from the West Bank; ending punitive measures such as night raids and restrictions on access to legal counsel and education; improvement of conditions of incarceration including medical care; and limiting the use of administrative detention as a whole.
Despite this agreement, Israel has not changed its policy of administrative detention, family visits from the Gaza Strip have not been renewed, and punitive policies are still employed against prisoners and detainees.
Moreover, at least one administrative detainee who was due to be released has had his detention order renewed in violation of the agreement.
On a broader level, the underlying issue of impunity remains a constant and the ongoing issue of torture and ill treatment with no criminal investigations of reported abuses continues.

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