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Press Statement: Al Mezan Confirms IOF Responsibility for the Killing of 3-Year-Old Rajaa Salam Abu Shaaban on 9 August 2006

22-03-2012 00:00

Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights has been informed of an Israel media and diplomatic campaign that raises suspicions around the conditions in which a 3-year-old girl, Rajaa Salam Abu Shaaban, on 9 August 2006 in Gaza city, alleging that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) were not responsible for her killing.
In order to clarify this matter, Al Mezan has consulted its databases and publications around this time and can verify the following information about this particular case.
At approximately 7:05 pm on Wednesday, 9 August 2006, Israeli helicopter gunships fired three missiles towards two Palestinian men who were in an open field near the Port Said (Nafaq) Street in Gaza city.
The two men were killed and were identified as 17-year-old Ahmed Hassan Al Mishal and 25-year-old Ramadan Al Majdalawi.
In addition, three-year-old Rajaa Salam Abu Shaaban, who fell from a swing as a result of the impact of the explosions and died.
Al Mezan’s databases indicate that the young girl, who was born on 15 October 2003 and holds ID card number 409052339, was a resident of Rimal neighborhood in Gaza city and died when she fell over a swing she was playing on.
She fell down due to the impact of explosions resulting from three Israeli missiles that hit an area near the house she was playing in.
She died at the house of Al Qishawi family when she was with her family, who were visiting Al Qishawi family when the attack took place.
Al Mezan’s investigations into the case, which were carried out the next few days after the incident, indicated that the IOF bear the responsibility for the death of the child.
While the IOF did not target the girl directly, they launched an attack with three missiles on a densely populated area, which caused the death of the girl, the injury of three civilians and the damage of several houses in the area.
Al Mezan questions Israel’s continued claims that its forces are not responsible for a large number of killings and injuries of Palestinian civilians during IOF military operations in the Gaza Strip.
This attitude comes in a continuous context of Israeli efforts to secure impunity for its soldiers and military commanders who are responsible for grave breaches of international law that caused death and/or injury to Palestinian civilians; the context that has allowed for such violations to continue for decades.

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