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Al Mezan, UNRWA, and British Council Conclude Second Training Course for UNRWA Educational Supervisors Entitled “Children’s Rights and Protection Mechanisms under Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law”

06-03-2012 00:00

On Monday 5 March 2012, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, in cooperation with UNRWA and the British Council, concluded a training course for 29 UNRWA supervisors entitled “Children’s Rights and Protection Mechanisms under Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law,” held at the As-Salam restaurant in Gaza City.
Shirin Ash-Shobaki, coordinator of the training and mass communication unit at Al Mezan; Dr.
Mahmoud Al Hemdiat, head of the education program at UNRWA; Mr.
Suhail Tarazi, director of the British Council in Gaza; Mr.
Ibrahim Weshah, human rights supervisor at UNRWA; and Dr.
Iyad Naser, consultant for human rights to UNRWA’s Gaza Field Administration Officer, concluded the course.
Ash-Shobaki welcomed the participants and thanked them for their commitment to the course, and added that she hoped the course would meet the participants’ expectations.
  She also thanked the British Council and UNRWA for their continuous cooperation with Al Mezan in efforts to enhance human rights culture in Gaza.
  She emphasized the importance of participants’ exchanging their newly acquired knowledge with their colleagues, particularly as human rights is now taught as a subject at UNRWA schools.
Suhail Tarazi welcomed the participants and thanked Al Mezan and UNRWA for their cooperation in enhancing local human rights culture, particularly with respect to children’s rights and associated protection mechanisms, and expressed his hope that the participants would benefit from the course.
Tarazi emphasized that the British Council is very concerned with children and their rights and regularly sponsors activities aiming to raise awareness on these issues.
Mahmoud Al Hemdiat thanked Al Mezan and the British Council for their ongoing efforts in promoting human rights and IHL.
  He emphasized the significance of the course, which plays an important role in enhancing UNRWA’s educational mission.
  He added that human rights supervisors play a vital role in raising cultivated and tolerant future generations.
  This positive role in Palestinian society can spread an atmosphere of respect for human rights, as well as steadfastness in adherence to national rights by defending these rights in a language that is understood by the world.
  The workshop is part of the “Children’s Rights and Protection Mechanisms” project implemented by Al Mezan in cooperation with the British Council and UNRWA.
  The project aims to raise awareness among educational supervisors of children’s rights and associated protection mechanisms.

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