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Attempt to Set Fire toMa’an News Agency Office in Gaza

10-07-2011 00:00

Unknown persons have tried to set fire to the office of the Ma’an News Agency in Gaza.
Arriving at the office, Ma’an’s staff members were surprised to find signs of fire on the external door of the office and the remains of a plastic bottle, seemingly a Molotov cocktail that was used in the assault.
Al Mezan’s fieldworker went to the Ma’an office to obtain information and to take affidavits about the incidents; however, the staff members declined to tell him anything about it.
  In addition, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights tried to call the information office at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to inquire about the incident, but there was no reply.
Al Mezan also sent a text message to the MoI for the same purpose,but no response was received.
Inhis affidavit to Al Mezan, the guard of the building where the office is located stated that he discovered the damage at approximately 5:00a.
on Sunday 10 July 2011 while he was distributing newspapers to the entrances of the press and media officesin the building.
He also stated that he had noticed that the banner of Al Kawther TV had been removed and left on the ground on the fifth floor of the same building.
The Ma’an News Agency office is located in the Shawa and Husari building in Al Wehda Street in Gaza City.
The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights expresses its absolute solidarity with theMa’an New Agency and expresses its strong condemnation of this incident.
Al Mezan calls on the concerned authorities in the Gazan government to initiate an investigation into the incident and to bring to justice those proven to be involved

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